Trust schools offer a range of specialisms which complement the Trust ethos, academic excellence and our emphasis on wider learning.


The Trust chaplaincy team provides a range of services supporting our ethos, including leading worship in assemblies and Communion services, designing the pastoral programme and organising/leading a range of extra-curricular activities.


The Trust's Head of Music Specialism supports an extensive and award winning offer of individual music tuition, choirs, ensembles, bands and other extra-curricular music at our schools.


The Trust's Head of Language Specialism leads the provision of a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including exchanges and visits to cultural events. She is also involved in developing provision in partner primary schools and use in the UK of the ground-breaking immersion teaching technique called AIM (Accelerated Integrated Methodology). More details about extra-curricular AIM classes can be found here.


The Trust's Head of Science Specialism is involved in developing a range of extra-curricular activities including visits and Applied Science clubs.