Trust schools pride themselves on having a rich curriculum offer which provides opportunities beyond the core academic provision.

All Trust schools benefit from the support and expertise of a specialist senior lead who works across the Trust in the following areas, with an individual school acting as a specialist hub in some cases.


The Trust chaplaincy team provides a range of services supporting our ethos, including leading worship in assemblies and Communion services, designing the pastoral programme and organising/leading a range of extra-curricular activities.


The Trust's Head of Music Specialism supports an extensive and award winning offer of individual music tuition, choirs, ensembles, bands and other extra-curricular music at our schools.


The Trust's Head of Language Specialism leads the provision of a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including exchanges and visits to cultural events. She is also involved in developing provision in partner primary schools and use in the UK of the ground-breaking immersion teaching technique called AIM (Accelerated Integrated Methodology).

Ada Lovelace CofE High School is also a Language Hub for London.

Extra-Curricular AIM Classes

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The Trust's Head of Science Specialism is involved in developing a range of extra-curricular activities including visits and Applied Science clubs.


There is a Sport Specialism at William Perkin CofE High School and this school is also now home to the brand new Wilf Slack Cricket Centre.