The Twyford Trust has two sixth form centres based at Twyford and William Perkin, with a third opening at Ada Lovelace in 2023.

We have long experience of very successful delivery at A-Level and our success rates have consistently ensured that both schools are well within the top 10% of post-16 deliverers.

Our two existing sixth forms offer exclusively A-level provision with over 25 courses on offer.

The Trust has developed two specialist subject hubs  which attract students with marked aptitude in Music or Sport. The hubs have enhanced facilities and a large team of specialist staff.

Twyford hosts the Specialist Music College, catering for students with an interest in either Classical or Popular Music or Music Technology.

William Perkin is the Trust’s Sports hub which includes Academies in Football and Cricket run jointly with Brentford and Middlesex County Cricket.

A third specialist hub in Computing and Digital technology will open at Ada Lovelace in September 2023.

Sixth Form Prospectus

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Current Course Offer

The full range of courses available within the Twyford Trust is as follows. The vast majority of courses are offered in both centres and the course content is co-ordinated between the schools in order to ensure that standards of delivery are equally high. Students in both sixth form centres can access the Trust’s resource bank (Copia) in order to recap on lessons, make use of revision/support materials or use past papers and model answers.








Further Maths

English Literature

English Language (W)



RE (Philosophy & Theology)


Government & Politics (T)



Business Studies





Graphics (T)

Photography (T)

Drama (T)

Film Studies (T)

Music (T)

Music Tech (T)

Physical Education (W)

(Where subjects are run in only one centre this is indicated by T – Twyford or W - William Perkin after the course name)


Stretch Programmes

Both William Perkin and Twyford run successful Stretch programmes for more able pupils and have a strong track record of success in achieving places at Oxford, Cambridge and on the most competitive university courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. Specialist additional programmes run for potential Medics, Engineers and Law students as well as an elite lecture series.   

Specific support is also given in preparation for university entrance exams such as the BMAT, UCAT etc as well as for STEP papers in Maths and there is opportunity for students to complete Extended Project qualifications in their areas for interest.

The stretch programme at William Perkin comes under the umbrella of CASE and at Twyford is referred to as TAP.

Stretch Programmes

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Students wishing to ask specific questions about the post-16 stretch programmes should contact Ms Lauder (William Perkin) or Ms Fancourt (Twyford)

Pastoral Support and Guidance

Students in Twyford and William Perkin follow the same programme of pastoral support, though the timetabling of the sessions are slightly different between the two schools.  In both schools we use the same framework of Christian values which we refer to as the 10:10 ethic  to engage with current affairs and ethical issues.

The pastoral programme also covers PSHE and relationships and sex education.

Every student is in a tutor group and their form tutors is their first port- of call if a student is in need of support. The form tutor will ensure each 6th former uses the career guidance from the pastoral sessions and assemblies to identify appropriate progression routes beyond the 6th form.  This preparation work happens during Yr 12 in order to ensure all students are ready to make well informed UCAS choices/acquire work experience placements from the end of Yr 12.

Community Service and Wider Learning

The Trust has strong Christian values and sees community as important. We have designed  6th forms to be supportive environments and as well as the Form tutor/head of year support which students will be familiar with from Yrs 7 – 11 there are a number of additional adults to provide help and guidance including a 6th form administrator, careers advisors and counsellors.

Twyford and William Perkin also expect all students to contribute to the school community by undertaking community service (e.g. in class support or coaching in Sport or Music) and/or taking a student leadership role such as a mentoring young students, running student council or coaching in sport or music. There are wider learning activities for 6th formers – but there is also an opportunity for post-16 students to support teachers in running clubs in their own specialist areas also. 

Sixth Form Wider Learning

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Shape of School Day

One of the differences between the two existing Trust sixth forms is the shape of the school day. Students in both schools have study period, however at William Perkin all academic lessons take place in the morning and so 6th form students have opportunity to put some of their afternoon time into community service or wider learning in additional to their work.

At Twyford lessons are slightly longer and are spread throughout the day and students are therefore likely to undertake their wider learning after the school day or in free periods (they are likely to have 2 per day). Both schools have large dedicated 6th form study space for silent independent work in study periods at whatever time of day and have a university style all-day café for more informal group work.


Post-16 applications are not simply to a school but to a specific set of courses. Each course specifies the minimum entry grade required. The entry grades are the same in both William Perkin and Twyford.    

The principle issue which the school will consider in awarding a place within the sixth form is the likelihood that the applicant will meet this minimum entry grade in all chosen subjects. Individual guidance interviews are also offered in order to be sure that applicants have made sensible judgements on course choice.

The entrance criteria for Twyford and William Perkin can be found below.

Sixth Form Entrance Criteria

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In both cases preference is given to students who attended the school in Yrs 7 -11 followed by students currently in Yr 11 in other Trust schools and then from other schools in the wider community.

For students themselves, the choice of school is likely to be influenced by

  • Specific course choices / timetabling combinations in a specific school
  • Preference for one of the different models of school day
  • Proximity to the school / journey time

Students may apply to both schools in order to maximise the chances of gaining a place at one of the Trust schools.  An application to one school will not impact on the consideration of the candidate’s application to the other. The offer places is usually made in early March and students are asked to make a decision on acceptance of the place ahead of attending the 6th form information evening for their school of choice before the end of the Spring term.

Admissions for Twyford Sixth Form

Admissions for William Perkin Sixth Form

A student’s place within the sixth form remains conditional until their actual GCSE results are confirmed as meeting the minimum entrance criteria.

Students who have been awarded a conditional place but have not met the criteria in a particular subject  may select a different subject in August, but only where there is capacity.


The Twyford CofE Academies Trust is very proud of its students' achievements in external examinations across all key stages.

For details of our latest A level results please follow the links below to the school websites where you will find the full report and performance data:

Twyford CofE High School

William Perkin CofE High School

Please see the 16-19 Bursary Policy below:

16-19 Bursary Policy

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