The Twyford CofE Academies Trust was formed in October 2011. The Trust is comprised of Twyford CofE High School, William Perkin CofE High School, Ealing Fields High School and Ada Lovelace CofE High School.

The schools are under the ultimate authority of a Board of Directors whose job it is to ensure that the vision and values of the Trust are lived up to at each school.

Governance Documents

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Directors details, attendance and business interests

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Each school is directly overseen by its own Governing Body which consists of locally based people who are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Ada Lovelace LGB

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Ealing Fields LGB

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Twyford LGB

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William Perkin LGB

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Copies of approved & signed, non-confidential minutes of Governors' meetings are available on request from the Clerks Office.

Volunteer School Appeals Panel Members

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We are always pleased to hear from people who would be interested in becoming a Volunteer School Appeals Panel Member. 

For more information read the document - Apply to become a Volunteer School Appeals Panel Member and contact the Clerks Office.